Friday, May 29, 2015

Let’s get this party started

So all the months of planning and reading are behind us, and it it's time to go!

This was to be one of our longest travel days ever, at about 28 hours from door to door. 

The trip to Singapore in ANA business class was great (for Chris in ANA first class, even better), although my plan to sleep through most of the first flight did not materialize. Allie and I arrived at our Singapore hotel at 1 am. 

Unfortunately for Chris, traveling on to Singapore on United rather than our ANA flight, the day grew a little longer than anticipated due to a 3.5 hour delay in Tokyo. The staff at the United Global First lounge at Narita wanted to switch Chris to the ANA flight and tried to reach him to do so; however, we'd chosen to sit together in one of the ANA business class lounges, which was quite busy and crowded, and we did not hear the page (if there was one). By the time he stopped in the United Club, it was too late to make the change. Lesson learned: Double check that the travel record has the right contact telephone number and/or make sure to take the phone off airplane mode while connecting.

So, he waited out the delay in the United Global First lounge...and got to experience the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that occurred while he was there. He finally arrived at our Singapore hotel at 4:15 am. 


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