Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 2, Singapore: $22 cocktails twice in one day? Well, why not?

We’ve done a good job at kicking the jetlag…so far. After a relatively normal night’s sleep and a filling breakfast at the hotel, we set out on another walk. Our first destination was a group of malls past Marina Bay so that Allie could find a particular cosmetic store that has snail slime (and other varieties of) facial masks. The trouble was, we couldn’t find the store at either of the malls in which we expected it to be (thanks, Google).

So, we pushed on towards Kampong Glam and Arab Street, where we visited the Sultan Mosque and poked around in some shops. The architecture in this area is interesting and the atmosphere was pretty laid back—a real contrast to crowded Little India. We spotted a few Turkish restaurants and would have loved to have tried one of them had we been hungry (no good Turkish anywhere near us at home).

Arab Street

By now, it was past noon, and we were again quite thirsty and a little overheated from all the walking. We easily found Raffles, but finding Long Bar within the hotel wasn’t quite so easy. Eventually, though, we settled in and ordered the obligatory “original Singapore Sling” (tropical Sling for Allie) at about US$22 per. Pricy, but when in Singapore… Actually, it was quite good—and I’m not a big fan of sweet cocktails. We were so thirsty that the drinks didn’t last too long.

At Raffles, looking for Long Bar

Long Bar at Raffles 
The $29 (SGD) Singapore Sling and a bag of peanuts

Our next stop was the Asian Civilizations Museum, which is relatively small but has a very nice collection of artifacts from around Southeast Asia (and some nice air conditioning). This was Allie’s recommendation from her previous visit, and we all enjoyed our time there. There is some renovation going on now, so parts of the museum appeared to be closed.

Asian Civilizations Museum
Once back at the hotel, we were able to do some proper Internet research and located what the SaSa cosmetic store for Allie at the Chinapoint Mall just blocks from the hotel.

Our room rate came with included Japanese set dinner at hotel’s Jin restaurant, and then we capped off the night with a trip to the Sky Park at the top of the Marina Bay Sands…and another round of very expensive cocktails.

Evening view from Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands
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